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Local Pow Wow Celebrations & Gatherings

Anishinabek Nation Pow Wow Guides

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This pdf contains inspirational stories, pow wow dance styles (p. 31) and pow wow etiquette (p. 32)


This pdf contains 1-2 page stories to share in the classroom (p. 5-14), pow wow dance styles (p. 21) pow wow etiquette (p. 22), anishnaabemowin pow wow terms, and more! 

The Indigenous Powwow 3 Part Series

Books in Schools connected to celebrations


Grades K-5

Grades 3 - 12

Indigenous Texts in Schools

Books in Schools

Resources for the classroom

Dance Styles Explained

Pow Wow Dance Styles

Powwow Dances 

Danses de pow-wow


Pow Wow Celebration, Bkejwanong Territory

K-2 Videos

CBC Kids: How to Pow Wow

It's My Party: TVO Kids National Indigenous People's Day

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Invited to a Pow Wow: TVO Kids

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