Anishininaabe Giizhigad Language Booklet


Did you know that June 6 is Anishinaabe Giizhigad (Day)? The Anishinabek Nation's national holiday, Anishinaabe Giizhigad, celebrates the adoption of Ngo Dwe Waangizid Anishinaabe (One Anishinaabe Family) and the Anishinaabe Chi-Naaknigewin (Anishinabek Nation Constitution). The Anishinaabe Chi-Naaknigewin is an assertion of sovereignty and nationhood which is founded on Anishinaabe Law and culture. See video description behind the day here. Here’s the agenda for details of any sections you would like to view of this live stream with your students. This will remain up and streamed on the Anishnabek Nation’s You Tube Channel.  

Anishinabek Nation Giizisoo-Mzinigan

Niizhing Mdaaswak-Shi-Niizhtana-Shi-Niiwin

Monthly Calendar 2024

Prayer in Ojibwe

Ojibway Word of the Day 

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Songs to connect with Anishinaabemowin

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Secondary Language Course for Credit

Anishinaabemowin Language Course for SCCDSB Secondary Youth

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