Corn Moon

August/Beginning of September - 9th Moon - Corn Moon (Mdaamiin Giizis):

This moon teaches about the cycle of life. Each cob of corn should have 13 rows of kernels, which represent future generations who have yet to begin their journey of life. This moon marks a time to harvest corn.

Other Names for this Moon: Harvest Moon, Autumn Moon (Cree), Yellow Leaf Moon (Assiniboine), Corn Harvest Moon (Dakota)

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Learning About the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash

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Life Cycles

Adaptations of Living Things 

Sustainability & Reciprocity

Lesson Connections for the Classroom

Primary/Junior students

It is important to remember the diverse First Nations communities across Turtle Island when reviewing this resource. There are elements of integration with Social Studies and Science in this unit plan from BC Education. The seasonal round unit ideas lend well to integrating the topics of Understanding First Nations Communities in Western Canada in Social Studies and Plants & Habitats in Science. A seasonal (or annual) round refers to the pattern of movement from one resource-gathering area to another in a cycle that is followed each year. Spring, summer, and fall saw the people moving to a variety of resource areas while during the harsher winter, the people gathered in winter villages. The abundance of resources also determined how often people moved. In areas that had a greater abundance of variety, people could stay in one location for longer than in areas where resources were scarcer.