Falling Leaves Moon

September - 10th Moon - Falling Leaves Moon (Biinaakwe Giizis):

This is a time when it is said that all of creation makes offerings to Mother Earth. The beautiful colours of fall and the awakening of spirits happens during this tenth moon. This is a time when all of Creation honors Mother Earth by preparing the most beautiful colours. 

Other Names for this Moon: Ice Moon (Haida), Migrating Moon (Cree), Drying Rice Moon (Dakota)

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Continuum of Learning IN and FROM the Outdoors

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Learning IN the Outdoors

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Life Cycles

Adaptations of Living Things 

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Lesson Ideas for the Classroom


Capture the wonder of the outdoors on the written page. Engage your senses and take a walk around a designated area, recording focused observations, then creating short nature journal entries based on the trees, rocks, plants, and wildlife. Articulate experiences of the natural world in writing!