Sugar Moon

March: 3rd Moon - Ziisbaakdoke Giizis - Sugar Moon 

This is the time when sap runs from the maple trees, and maple syrup is made. It is considered the start of the new year for many in the Anishinabek Nation.

Other Names for this Moon:  Eagle Moon (Cree), Goose Moon (Algonquin, Cree), Wind Strong Moon (Pueblo) 

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SCCDSB Classroom Resources Maple Sugar Bush

Ziidbaatogeng: Maple Syrup Making; Sugarbush Traditions and Teachings on Aamjiwnaang . © Aamjiwnaang First Nation 2020. Watch here on YouTube" 

A film by Derek Sands, Indigitalfilms

“Filmed on beautiful Aamjiwnaang First Nation, an elder teaches grandchildren and community members so they will pass on the teachings for future generations. Featuring Anishnaabemowin translations by local elders and speakers.” 

Bkejwanong Sugar Bush Cedric Isaac.mp4

A Walk Through the Bkejwanong Sugarbush with Cedric Isaac, Bkejwanong Territory

A Walk Through the Bkejwanong Sugarbush is a walk alongside Cedric Isaac and a sharing of perspective from traditional knowledge sharing to tapping the sugar bush today, giving thanks and respecting creation.  

Derek Sands, Bkejwanong Territory, Indigital Films, captured the video in partnership with the St. Clair Catholic District School Board and Cedric Isaac, Bkejwanong Territory. 

Science Connections


This series of five videos shares how the Anishinaabeg learned about the sap of the maple tree and how to create sweet water, maple syrup.  They are part of five lesson plans in math, science, and Indigenous ways of knowing and being.  

The five videos are: