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Integrating the Fruits of the Spirit with the Seven Grandfather Teachings

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"The Seven Sacred Teachings are at the foundation of North American Indigenous belief. These teachings honor spiritual law and bring us back to our connection to the land—to nature. The Seven Sacred Teachings are represented by seven animals. Each animal offers a special gift and understanding of how we as people should live our lives on Mother Earth."

--Dave Courchene/ Neeghani Aki Innini (Leading Earth Man, source: Red Deer Catholic Regional School) )

Live SCCDSB Event with Cecil Isaac, Bkejwanong Territory

Chi Miigwech to elder, Cecil Isaac, for connecting the seven grandfather teachings with us in a live event across classrooms! We learned so much about how to apply the seven grandfather teachings to our life!

<-- "Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers" - scroll down to the "Seven Teachings" (image shown) for an interactive page and hover over each animal to read more about the corresponding teaching.

Grandfather teachings

Art Connections with the Seven Grandfather Teachings

SELF-PORTRAIT – Seven Grandfather Teachings - Crayola Teachers.pdf
SEVEN GRANDFATHER TEACHINGS – Clay, Texture - Crayola Teachers.pdf

The Seven Sacred Teachings Read by David Bouchard

  • How is the artwork or values connected to something you know about?

  • What new ideas or impressions do you have that extended your thinking in new directions?

  • What do you wonder about?

  • What are 3 new ideas you learned from the reading?

  • What are 2 values you connect with?

  • What is 1 question you have?

Lessons From the Earth Online Teaching Resource

Check out this resource kit to use in the classroom that directly links to the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations, the Catholic Virtues and the 7 Sacred Grandfather Teachings of the Anishinaabek.

Lessons From the Earth: Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge Teacher Resource Kit funded by the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

“Lessons From the Earth is a resource guide for educators that provides a practical application of Indigenous Knowledge into the classroom. The focus of learning is grounded in a traditional Anishinaabe story, Jiig Nong Aadsookan, The Fisher Story. Included are sample lessons and video modules that support the traditional teachings embedded within the story. Lessons From the Earth is a provocation for student inquiry into topics such as the environment, First Peoples of Canada, Science, Social Studies, as well as important concepts such as love, respect and balance.” Jodie Williams

World Religions

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Spirituality Links from CARFLEO


My Heart Fills with Happiness by Monique Gray Smith

My Heart Fills with Happiness

J'ai la coeur rempli de bonheur

Storytelling with Monique Gray Smith